Fire During Haj

I and my wife went to Haj in 1980. We went by ship from Bombay. We have to travel 8 days to reach Jeddah and then we went to Makkah. During that time there were not more facilities as we have now. We have go there and hire the rooms for our stay as these things were not preplanned by Haj Committee in those day. We had to carry everything needed to cook there.

During the days of Haj, we carried our stove and other grocery items to cook at Mina. We have to stay there for three days in small tents made of clothes. Opposite to our tents were the tents of Pakistanis. Suddenly we heard a shouting ‘Fire’ ‘Fire’ and we turned back to see the fire very close to us. We did not have time to think about anything and we just took our passport bag and started to run.

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