At Jeddah Airport

I was simply staring at the Jeddah International Airport just like a small girl would at a toys’ shop. As this was my first foreign trip, a sort of unique feeling hovered on me as I stepped down on the foreign land. I was very eager to see the God’s abode.

We were dragging the luggage out from the conveyer belt. The belt started from one end and took a rotation and completed at the other. We thought we were acting cleverly and were standing near the starting point of the belt and were pulling out our suitcases and bags one by one. And the scanning counter was on the other end. We were carrying our luggage with much difficulty to that place one by one.

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Leaving Jeddah Airport

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Our Hajj trip was in 2008 and at that time, according to the government quota a person going to Haj through Haj Committee could carry only up to 35 kg of luggage together with 10 kg hand luggage. So for three of us it was 105 kg with 30 kg hand luggage that we can carry along with us in the flight. As we were to take rice, dhal, stove and other such items, it would easily reach that weight. Any easily breakable item should be carried as hand luggage. Also the weight of the single suitcase should not exceed 23 or 24 kg maximum was a rule. So we couldnot stuff any suitcase as much as it could hold.

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