About Arafat

Mount Arafat also known as Mount Arafah has an important part in Hajj. Those who do not spend their time in Arafat on a particular day cannot become Hajjis. The Jabal Ar Rahmat is a mount located here from where Prophet Muhammad delivered his last sermon after completing his Hajj. Arafat is situated at a distance of about 18 km from Makkah and 10 km from Mina. The distance between Arafat and Muzdalifah is approximately 8 km.

Some Arafat Guidelines:

The 10th of Dhul Hijja is known as Arafat Day. The time starts at noon and ends after sunset.

The pilgrims will be taken from Mina to Arafat in the morning itself. There is no need to fight to get the place in the bus as the pilgrims will get buses till the end.

There are temporary cloth tents erected in Arafat for the convenience of the pilgrims to provide them shade.

Praying at Jabal Ar Rahma is the best choice but the place is very crowded and so it is advised to make the worship and prayers at the place allotted to us.

There are many small mounts near the place and people usually climb on them for praying.

Toilet facilities are good but are quite crowded and patience is very essential for Hajjis at Arafat.

The mosque in Arafat is known as Masjid E Nimra or Masjid Namirah. The Zuhr prayer is conducted here along with Asr. Those who cannot go to the mosque may make mass prayers in their own tents. Everyone should pray Asr along with Zuhr.

Afternoon lunch is provided to all millions

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of Hajjis by the king of Saudi Arabia. They will be issued in the place where you are staying. Usually this will be the cooked rice with meat or chicken.

Water facilities are available in the tent itself. Carrying some fruits will help us from getting dehydrated.

The main deed to be done is asking Dua and so all Hajjis should pray for themselves and for all the people of this world and ask all the Duas of their life.

Some people by mistake leave Arafat before sunset. But this is a wrong practice and they should pay penalty of sacrificing a sheep in this case.

After sunset, the Hajjis should not pray Mahrib but should take off to Mina where they have to pray Mahrib along with Isha.

The Arafat and the way to Muzdalifah are full of lights. There is separate pedestrian way to Muzdalifah and the path is well illuminated to help the walkers.

Some people will be offering water bottles and food items to the Hajjis. Though there is nothing wrong in consuming them, they may be Sadaka items and so it is better to avoid them based on Taqwa.

Fighting or using ill words should be strictly avoided as we are in the durbar of Allah. If anyone did

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not stay in Arafat at least for few minutes could not complete Hajj and so the importance of this place must be kept in mind.