About Mina

Mina is located at a distance of about 5 kilometers east of Makkah and spreads over an area of 20 square kilometers. This is the place where Hajjis stay during their pilgrimage and more than hundred thousand temporary tents are there. It is here that the Jamarat Bridge where stoning of devil is done is situated. The pilgrims stay in Mina on

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9th, 11th and 12th of Dhu Al Hijjah month.Some Mina Guidelines:

It is desirable to go to Mina on 8th of Zil Hajj morning after Ishraq time. But usually, pilgrims are taken on the 7th night itself.

Carry extra Ihram cloth with you to Madina. Also carry some food, coffee powder, milk powder, sugar and such items like portable chairs, plates and electric heater for hot water.

If you are taking electric heater, then it is better to take extension cord for extending the wire. If you can make hot water, you will be able to make your own coffee, milk and tea.

Food items are available in some shops in Mina but the queue will be bigger for them. If your guide provides you the food you need not worry about it. Otherwise, you have to prepare food that would last for two days and when you return to Makkah for performing Tawaf Ziyara, you may go to your room and prepare food for next two days.

Take the chained lock with you. When you go for stoning of the devils, you can easily chain all your things together and lock it in any available pillar in the Mina tents.

As soon as you reach Mina, you will be confused to find all the tents in similar fashion. Keep some hints like bridges and note down the tent number before you leave them or you will lose your way.

Try to get the map of Mina and keep it with you in your pocket always. Though bigger map banner are kept in some places, a map with you will help a lot to find your way.

Everyone will get buses for going to Mina and going from Mina to Arafat and from Arafat to Muzdalifah and so no need to be in a hurry and no need to rush for it. However if you do not go in time, you might lose your bus.

When you go to Arafat, it is better to carry as less things as you can. When you come back you may need to go to stoning place directly. In that case you will not be allowed to carry anything there and all the things you have will be seized and put in one place. There is no guarantee that they will be safe until you come back.

First day you must stone only the big devil at the last crossing the other two. This is one of the places which is very much crowded and so be careful if you are taking aged people and ladies with you. Aged people may appoint someone to stone the devil on their behalf.

At Mina tents, you will have very less space as millions of Hajis should share the available space. So much patience is required here. It is better form a group there and offer mass prayers.

You can reach Mina from Azeeziah through shortcut tunnel ways. It will be approximately two kilometers.

Within Mina, there are many roads but no vehicles are allowed inside. So however sick a person is, there is no alternative than walking.

Before or after reaching Mina, ID cards will be given for you. Even if it is not given you have to ask for that. Otherwise you will be questioned before you enter your tent.

You cannot enter any other tent even if your relatives are staying there without ID card for that tent. This is only for your safety as many bogus people try to rob things from the tents.

Stoning of devil on 10th of Zil Hajj must be done after noon and before Asar. However those who are going with women and aged people can do it until the next day Fazr.

Stoning of all three devils should be done on 11th and 12th and extending it on 13th is desirable. Seven stones should be thrown on each. If not stoned well, it has to be repeated. However those stones found at that place should not be picked up as they are rejected stones. That is why some extra stones should be carried. If picking up stones at Muzdalifah is not possible, it could be done in Mina.