About Muzdalifah

Muzdalifah is one of the four important places related to Hajj. It is an open space near Mecca closer to Mina. It lies on

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the way from Mina to Arafat. On the 9th of the last Islamic month Dhul Hijjah, Muslims should stay here at night. They should leave Arafat after sunset and go to Muzdalifah for staying. The place will be overcrowded during that time. It is at this place that all Hajjis should collect small pebbles for throwing at the devil. On the night of 9th pilgrims have to sleep in the open ground without a roof and should leave for Mina the next morning.
Some Muzdalifah Guidelines:

Muzdalifah is located at a distance of about 8 kilometers from Arafat. Some pilgrims prefer to walk but those with aged people and children it is better to go by vehicle.

The walking path from Arafat to Muzdalifah is full of lights and has all facilities of toilets and drinking water at particular distances. So walking will be a pleasant adventure if there is no health problem.

There are resting stones to take rest on the way and so the Hajjis could take rest when they move on.

There will not be any shops selling any items on the way. So food is not available unless you take some biscuits and cakes with you.

You have to leave Arafat without praying Mahrib but leave only after sunset. So, Mahrib and Isha both should be prayed at Muzdalifah together.

In Muzdalifah, the sign boards reading, ‘Muzdalifah Starts Here’ could be seen in many places. But you can see people sleeping even before that boundary. But that is due to their innocence and you should not follow them.

As soon as you near Muzdalifah, the path will become more crowded and you may find it difficult to get a place to pray and sleep. But make sure you are entering Muzdalifah before Fazr or you have to pay penalty, the Dham, the sacrifice of a sheep.

The night at Muzdalifah is usually spent in prayer but there is no harm in sleeping for a while.

Muzdalifah is just an open ground where sky is the roof and soil is the bed and all Hajjis have to sleep without any proper bed.

There are toilets in all places in Muzdalifah but are very crowded.

Next morning, after Fazr, you have to stay there for a while and leave to Mina for stoning for the devil.

Collect at least 70 small pebbles at Muzdalifah for stoning. It is advisable to collect some extra stones to augment the missed stones.

The mosque in Muzdalifah is called Masharul Haram mosque. If you cannot reach there at night as it is overcrowded you can see the mosque on the way to Mina next morning.

The distance between Mina and Muzdalifah is approximately 2 kilometers. However if your tent is in the other end of Mina, you might have to walk a long distance. In that case you need to stone the devils on the way before you move to your tent.

On the way to Mina, you have to cross the valley, Vadhiye Mudhassir. When you cross it, it is advisable to cross fast. This is the place where the elephant army of Abraha of pre-historic era was destroyed by small birds. So this is considered to be a place of curse.