Haj Dua

The day of Arafat is meant for Dua and it is advised to ask for all the Duas of life. There are many Dua books that you can carry with you. They are mostly written in Arabic and after asking those Duas, it is better to ask in your mother tongue. Allah has no languages and he can hear the prayers done in any language. So do not miss out any Dua and a sample Dua is written here.

“Oh! Allah it is only due to your grace that we got a chance to perform Hajj and so it is our duty to thank you for that. Give us the tongue of Zikr and the heart of Shukr or gratitude. Give us satisfaction in our life what we are leading

O! Allah, forgive my sins and forgive the sins of my parents, spouse, children, siblings and all the brothers and sisters. Allah, forgive the sins of my relatives, friends, ancestors, people of my city and the people of this whole world. My God, forgive the sins that I did overtly and covertly and those I did in morning and in night and those I did with my knowledge and without my knowledge and those that are big and those that are small and purify us.

Oh! Lord, Extend our life and make us and our parents and children healthy. Make our children a pleasure to our eyes and make them obey their parents and elders. Give them good education that will be beneficial in this world and next world. Make their future bright and make them offer their salah perfectly and make them recite Quran properly. Make them have the fear of God always and make their characters beautiful. My Lord, make them beautiful, make them intelligent, make them lovable and make them good. When they attain their right age, get them good spouse and make their life sweet.

Oh! Allah make our business flourish. We have left them in your hands and so show your grace on those who are helpful to us. If any employee does harm to us, take them away from us. Help us to get back what we have lost, help us to retain what we have now and help us to earn even more. Oh! Allah make us honest always.

Give us a life without debts and give us a death without any obligations. Allah! If you want to give no one can stop that and if you want to stop no one can give that. So Ya Rab, give us from your treasure that will never deplete. Make our income to our satisfactions. Make our hands to be those that give alms always. Never make them receive alms from others.

Ya Allah, if we ask from people it is begging, but if we ask from you, it is Dua. Make us ask only to you. We are standing as beggars in your durbar. We have left our mother land and standing before you like an orphan only to satisfy you. Ya Allah we are asking you with opened hands and please do not send us back empty handed.

Give a long and healthy life to our parents. Make their business fruitful and relieve their health troubles. Give them debtless life and make them continue their contribution to Deen till the end of their life. Remove all their bodily troubles. On behalf of all the goodness that I did in Hajj, I ask you to relieve them of all their problems.

Allah, make the life of my brothers and sisters healthy and wealthy. Make their spouses the best ones and make their futures best. Make our family united always and grant all of us to build our own houses and give all of our good children. Make us always do good to our father in law and mother in law. Give me patience to serve all elders.

Make us united couples always and unite us both in life and death. Keep us united both in this world and next world. Put affection and love between us. Allah, save us from bad death and horrible diseases. Make us recite Shahadah on our death bed. Make our Shakrath easier and make our graves the garden of heaven. Make the questions of Munkar and Nakeer easier to answer and give us the shade of Arsh in Mahshar. Let us cross the Sirathul Musthakeem in lightning speed and give the Aamal Naama in our right hand and wear us the Sundhus Ishthabak dresses of heaven.

Allah, give us the best Jannathul Firdous heaven. In Mahshar when we cry, ya nafsi.. ya nafsi, our Prophet.sal would come saying ya ummathi.. ya ummathi.. Let us get his recommendation on that day and make us drink the water of Howdhul Kowthar in his hands. Offer us your presence of Liqa… ya Allah!

Oh God! Let us live for you and let us die for you. Let us pray perfectly and let us recite Zikr, Duas and Quran in perfect manner. Let our life be in the path of Sunnah. Make us fast in Ramzan and give Zakath properly. Make us give more and more alms to the poor and make us do more and more Hajj. Let us live with Kalima Shahadah and die with the same.

Oh! Allah make this world peaceful. Save this world from terrorism and give good government and good politicians to rule over us. Give good job for those who are jobless, give good home for those who are homeless and give children to those who are childless. Whoever is pregnant make their deliver easier and whoever did not perform Hajj yet give them a chance for it.

Whoever is ill make them healthy and whoever is to write their examination, help them to get good marks, whoever is in debts relieve them of it and whoever is in poverty, give them wealth. Oh Allah! For whoever has asked us to make any kind of Duas, grant them all their wishes.

Shower your blessings on those who are helpful for our pilgrimage. Send us back as the child born anew forgiving all our sins. Make all our journeys easier and make us do all the good deeds of Hajj and later in perfect manner. Help us to make more and more Tawafs and Umrahs and bless us to complete Madina Ziyarat in a good manner.

Whatever good Duas Prophet.sal has asked in his life, bestow them on us and from whatever evils he sought your protection, protect us also from them. Send us back in a pure state and accept all our Duas on behalf of Prophet Muhammad.sal and his friends and out of your special love for me.”